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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello to whoever is out there reading this. As a person I am very straight forward, I will always try to explain what I think as best I can to get others onto the same page as me, in the long run it saves time and seeing as I am not too fond of surprises it comletely irradicates those which is ideal for someone as anxious as I am.

To get to the point.. what is it?

This blogs purpose is for everyone else out there that feels embarrassed, ashamed or uncomfortable in their bodies from chronic conditions to scars and other uniquities that can't be controlled. I want to build a network with you all where we can support and represent ourselves because it seems as though nobody else is going to do it for us and I am tired of hiding and waiting.

I know there are millions of us out here with our own markings and stories that the world needs to hear.

This blogs purpose is also for me to finally accept my appearance and try to own the situation that I have been put in from four years of various skin conditions leaving scarring accross my body. I want to remove the mystery from my skin and show that self-acceptance goes deeper than taking a bath and writing a diary, it is finally being honest with yourself and with everyone and I can say now that there is nothing more freeing.

If I can reach anybody else that feels this way to let them know that even though it feels like you are you are not alone out here! Please don't hesitate to get in contact with your own story via the contact page.

#selfacceptance #bodypositive #acceptance #movement #scars #conditions #skin

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