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The Story

For years, I have attempted time and time again to learn to accept the body that I'm in with every scar it has developed over the years and now at 21 I am realising that I and other people who feel the same are not the problem, the world is.

This blog is for all the other millions of people out there struggling with self-esteem altering chronic conditions to band together and let the world see that this is what REAL bodies look like, it isn't just stretch marks and the "minor imperfections" it is everything that makes us different from the clothing websites and beauty brands being constantly blasted into our faces everywhere we look.

Take some time to explore the site, read the posts and if anything resonates with you please get in touch via the contact page. I am here and I plan on personally responding to every message that I can. Whether you just want someone to talk to or you would possibly like to share your story here on skindeeply every message is appreciated. 

-Mariam ❤

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